petitetimidgay asked: I have sooooooo many feelings about the betty/kate queerbaiting

there were a lot of crimes committed in the execution of that movie but i would say chief among them is the fact i was somehow convinced that no everything would be resolved by the end this show that i had given SO MUCH TO and loved sO MUCH and had believed sO MUCH IN and FOUGHT FOR wouldn’t fuck me over like that it wouldn’t actually all just be one big queerbaiting ambiguous bullshit party right??? and then no it was. it totally was and i feel like shit about it. it is a big fucking injustice and gross and i’m mad, i’m really fucking mad

more previews from my bomb girls movie recap. spoiler: i’m kind of furious about how it all went down nbd

what the movie should have been called, lesbihonest


you are all cordially invited to the autostraddle open thread to celebrate the bomb girls movie premiere happening RIGHT NOW. react in real time with all the gifs you need to properly express your emotions. or use gifs to mourn your inability to watch the movie live because of international borders. or just post a lot of gifs that represent your epic love for bomb girls. let’s get tons of people in here and make it a night to remember, even if you’re not gonna be able to watch the movie until tomorrow? reblog, retweet, get all the bombshells in here so the fandom represents! LET’S DO THIS!

new fanfic: you were out of my league (ao3)bechloe. beca’s moonlighting as a wedding DJ. chloe’s the bride in question. too bad the wedding DJ realizes she’s still in love with the bride, and has to break up the ceremony before it’s too late. obviously, this does not go according to plan, if beca’s got a plan at all - (she probably doesn’t).




how long must we wait for a lesbian disney princess

or what about a prince who throughout the entire movie you think he’s going to be the love interest but in the end it turns out he’s gay

or how about a lesbian princess

they ask me why i ship it and i just cough uncomfortably like aRE YOU BLIND

a brief history of predicting the future has been updated! rejoice, people who wanted to see bomb girls with magic and hogwarts and excuses to involve spells in sexual situations!

"She has not been in the Charms classroom since she was a seventh year with an inkstain on her tie and two bruised knees. Bludgers, she’d claimed at the time, but the truth was that sometimes you studied in the library and sometimes you spent your time with your head buried between the legs of a Hufflepuff in the Restricted Section, your sins concealed beneath a table."

Nothing is more powerful than a mother's love.


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